Hydrotherapy Centre
Hydrotherapy is commonly used in human medicine and has started to
become a recognised therapy in veterinary medicine also. For pets with
degenerative joint disease, arthritis, or have persistent pain after an injury
like a dislocation or fracture, it can be used as a part of your pet's overall
health plan. You may find that regular use can make your pet more
comfortable and increase range of motion.

The treatment essentially involves exercising on an underwater treadmill. By
having the treadmill underwater and varying the water level it is possible to
alter the amount of work done by the animal's muscles and joints.

Hydrotherapy has proven beneficial in the treatment and management of
arthritis, obesity and cardiac insufficiency. It is also beneficial in post-injury
and post-surgical rehabilitation, speeding up healing and reducing the time
taken by the animal to return to full fitness.

Appointments are strictly on a referral basis only. If your vet decides your
animal is a suitable candidate for hydrotherapy, ask him/her to refer you to
the Hydrotherapy Unit at Sunbeam Veterinary Hospital.

A referral form can be faxed direct to your vet’s office, downloaded below, or
collected from reception.

Once we receive the completed referral form from your vet we will then
telephone you to schedule an appointment.

Our hydrotherapist will contact your vet prior to and after the first treatment
session and will provide your vet with regular progress updates.

For further information or a tour of the unit please enquire at reception.
Dermot putting Georgia through her paces in the
Hydrotherapy Unit.

Georgia at the end of her session in the unit.
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