Northpoint Team

Find out more about our dedicated Northpoint veterinary team

Veterinary Surgeons

Sophia Mackey - Head of Referrals

Sophia Mackey

Sophia Mackey BSc DVM PgCert CAS Neuro MRCVS Head of Referrals
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Niamh Casey - Veterinary Surgeon

Niamh Casey

Niamh Casey MVB CertAVP (GSAS) Veterinary Surgeon
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Ruth O Flaherty - Head of First Opinion

Ruth O Flaherty

Ruth O Flaherty MVB MRCVS Head of First Opinion
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Niamh Murphy - Veterinary Surgeon

Niamh Murphy

Niamh Murphy Veterinary Surgeon
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Annie O Callaghan - Veterinary Surgeon

Annie O Callaghan

Annie O Callaghan Veterinary Surgeon
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Patrick Dunlea - Veterinary Surgeon

Patrick Dunlea

Patrick Dunlea Veterinary Surgeon
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Fatin El Hommad - Veterinary Surgeon

Fatin El Hommad

Fatin El Hommad Veterinary Surgeon
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Marian Prior - Veterinary Surgeon

Marian Prior

Marian Prior Veterinary Surgeon
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Lindsay O Driscoll - Veterinary Surgeon

Lindsay O Driscoll

Lindsay O Driscoll Veterinary Surgeon
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Veterinary Nurses

Grainne Horan - Veterinary Nurse

Grainne Horan

Grainne Horan Veterinary Nurse
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Grace Irwin - Veterinary Nurse

Grace Irwin

Grace Irwin Veterinary Nurse
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Gail Acheson - Veterinary Nurse

Gail Acheson

Gail Acheson Veterinary Nurse
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Georgina Harrington - Veterinary Nurse

Georgina Harrington

Georgina Harrington Veterinary Nurse
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Emma Browne - Veterinary Nurse

Emma Browne

Emma Browne Veterinary Nurse
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Sharon Kelleher - Veterinary Nurse

Sharon Kelleher

Sharon Kelleher Veterinary Nurse
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Flora MacDonald - Veterinary Nurse

Flora MacDonald

Flora MacDonald Veterinary Nurse
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Bronwyn Jeffers - Veterinary Nurse

Bronwyn Jeffers

Bronwyn Jeffers Veterinary Nurse
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Laura Duggan - Veterinary Nurse

Laura Duggan

Laura Duggan Veterinary Nurse
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Kaylee Murray - Veterinary Nurse

Kaylee Murray

Kaylee Murray Veterinary Nurse
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Clodagh Connolly - Veterinary Nurse

Clodagh Connolly

Clodagh Connolly Veterinary Nurse
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Fiona Flavin - Veterinary Nurse

Fiona Flavin

Fiona Flavin Veterinary Nurse
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Vanessa Goggin - Veterinary Nurse

Vanessa Goggin

Vanessa Goggin Veterinary Nurse
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Animal Care Assistants

Shauna O Regan - Animal Care Assistant

Shauna O Regan

Shauna O Regan Animal Care Assistant
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Reception Team

Derek Wallace - Receptionist

Derek Wallace

Derek Wallace Receptionist
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Delia Daly - Receptionist

Delia Daly

Delia Daly Receptionist
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Chelsey O Mahony - Receptionist

Chelsey O Mahony

Chelsey O Mahony Receptionist
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Administrative Team

Karen Donnelly - Practice Director

Karen Donnelly

Karen Donnelly Practice Director
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Elaine Brennan - Practice Manager

Elaine Brennan

Elaine Brennan Practice Manager
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Fergus O Herlihy - Head of Clinical Governance

Fergus O Herlihy

Fergus O Herlihy Head of Clinical Governance
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Helen Brennan - Accounts Manager

Helen Brennan

Helen Brennan Accounts Manager
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